The Man Who Knew Infinity

We are often told to get a Sponsor to fast-track our careers. Sponsors not only provide advice but also actively create opportunities for you to growth and have a faster career advancement. Sponsors advocate and champion your success, often using their own platforms and reputation to offer you a platform to gain more influence and exposure. A Sponsor will speak highly of you without you being present. Certainly, everybody may be benefited from getting a Sponsor but, because many women struggle advertising their accomplishment and successes, finding a Sponsor may be even more relevant in their cases.

To illustrate the goodness of getting a Sponsor, I share with you an excerpt of another great movie that I recently watched that is called “The Man Who Knew Infinity. The movie is about the life of the South Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan and the relationship that he developed with the English mathematician, Professor G.H. Hardy, from the Trinity College in England. Although Ramanujan had almost no formal training in mathematics, he was able to make great contributions in this field. 

During his stay in England, Professor Hardy nominated Ramanujan for a Fellowship of the Royal Society, without success, due to biases from other Fellows based on Ramanujan’s nationality, economic status and limited educational background. But, as any great Sponsor, Professor Hardy did not give up, convinced that Ramanujan deserved such recognition, and nominated him a second time. Ramanujan was not even aware that Professor Hardy had nominated him again; (in fact, he was convalescent at the hospital) and learnt about it when he received a letter informing him about his formal admission to the Royal Society. Here is the excerpt; enjoy it, do not miss the movie and get a Sponsor, if you do not have yet one!:

“Opinions may differ as to the importance of Ramanujan’s work and the influence that it may or may not have on the mathematics of the future. One gift it does show is its profound and invincible originality. Mr Littlewood once told me that every positive integer is one of Ramanujan’s personal friends. I believe this to be true. [Ramanujan] told me that an equation for him had no meaning unless it expressed the thought of God. Well, despite everything in my being is set to the contrary, perhaps he is right. For Isn’t this exactly our justification for pure mathematics? We are merely explorers of infinity in the pursuit of absolute perfection. We do not invent these formulas. They already exist and lie in wait for only the very brightest of minds, like Ramanujan, ever to define and prove them. So, in the end, I have been forced to consider, who are we to question Ramanujan, much less God? Thank you.”

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